Which is the Most Popular Smartwatch in India?

Product Review: Premsons Smartwatch with Bluetooth and camera

We recently made a list of the best smartwatches in India. Among the best three we picked was the Premsons smartwatch cum phone. Due to its popularity, we have decided to do an in-depth review of the product.

A phone you can wear on your wrist

The gold smartwatch has all the functionalities of a low-end Android phone. It has a 2G sim slot with GSM support which enables the user to make calls and use data. The device has a 2-megapixel camera for taking pictures and recording video. It has an adaptable Bluetooth that can connect with all sorts of Android and non-Android phones. You can even play music on the smartwatch’s music player. The gadget comes with a TF memory card slot with a 32GB capacity. The touch screen is responsive and scratch resistant. Other features that make the Premsons Smartwatch unique are apps like sleep monitoring, pedometer, and phone tracker. Simply, pair up your phone with the watch and access your notifications on the go!

Our review of the Premsons Smartwatch cum phone

Smartwatches make multitasking easier. They serve as a helpful aid for professionals with a tight schedule. This product certainly does this job well. It is the best smartwatch among its price range. However, it falls short to meet the current requirements in gadgets. The biggest downfall is that it won’t connect to WiFi. Moreover, the camera quality is poor. Most phones now have a 16-megapixel camera. Thus, the 2-megapixel on this device is a huge drop in the picture quality we have gotten used to. According to users, the pedometer’s effectiveness slowly degrades over time. The smartwatch watch needs to get smarter as much as the cell phones it aims to replace.

Should you buy this watch?

The Premsons smartwatch has many cool features. But, these aren’t of the latest technology. In case, the company comes out with an updated version, then this will certainly be worth the buy.

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